I am on a business trip. Can you deliver to my hotel?
We can indeed deliver to your hotel. Please provide the name and address of your hotel, as well as the dates that you will be staying there, in the “comments” area when you place your order so that our Customer Service can have your package delivered within the given time frame. If we are unable to deliver within this time frame, we will contact you to give you prior notice.

Can I place an order using a bank card that is not my own?
Yes, in this case please indicate the billing address associated with the card.

When will my credit card be debited?
Cards and other payment methods are not debited until an order has been accepted and sent. However, it is possible that your credit card or other payment method may indicate a reserve amount as soon as the order is placed.

What is the security code on my payment card?
A unique code made up of 3 or 4 digits secures remote sale transactions.
This code can be found:
– on the back of your credit card in the signature field. It is made up of 3 digits (Visa or MasterCard, for example).
– or on front, above your card number. It is made up of 4 digits (American Express, for example).

Why are certain models not offered in stores?
Each Hermès store has the freedom to select their product offerings. As such, certain models/colours are not sold in every store.

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